Accredited Assessors available for hire, and more in our November newsletter.

Accredited Assessors available for hire

Independent Accredited Assessors make onsite assessments on how well businesses are performing against the SafePlus performance requirements and provide advice and best practice guidance on how to improve.

The first few assessor training courses are complete, so SafePlus Accredited Assessors are now available for businesses to hire – visit the SafePlus Accredited Assessor Register page for their contact details. Note this will be updated when more assessors become accredited.

Remember that each onsite assessment comes at a cost, which will be determined by the private market assessors themselves, as they do with their existing consultancy services.

More assessor training courses are anticipated for the New Year and beyond. If you’re interested in becoming an Accredited Assessor, please read the SafePlus competency requirements on our website first and email your details to


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