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Meat manufacturer Hellers Limited has been sentenced for health and safety failures at the Christchurch District Court this week after a worker lost four fingers in a machine used to process meat.

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When an experienced worker lost the end of his finger in a workplace incident, Wairarapa business Webstar could have operated from a position of fear of prosecution. Instead, they worked closely and openly with WorkSafe and came out stronger.


Fundamentally, businesses need to ensure that plant is safe, says WorkSafe New Zealand. Having health and safety policies and procedures will not protect workers unless they’re fully and effectively implemented, so engineering controls have to be considered first.

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This bulletin presents WorkSafe’s position on notification following failure, operation or activation of a rupture disc classified as a safety critical element (SCE) at a Major Hazard Facility or Petroleum Installation.


This safety alert highlights the health and safety risks associated with a mini heater adaptor fitting, which has been prohibited by Energy Safety.

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