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Why is site safety important?

  • Construction is one of New Zealand’s biggest industries with almost 200,000 workers – but it’s also one of the four sectors with the worst worker injury rates
  • Worker fatalities are more than double the average for all other sectors
  • The cost of workplace injuries is huge – ACC pays more than $100 million dollars per year in the construction sector. And that doesn’t include the cost to businesses in terms of lost productivity
  • Construction workers risk exposure on a daily basis to potential harmful dusts, fumes and asbestos that can lead to serious ill-health or even an early death
meet the yappers

Meet Steve and the Yappers

These animated videos have been created to help bosses and workers understand some of the key workplace health and safety concepts in a fun way. Check them out!

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new health and safety at work act

New Health and Safety at Work Act

Find out what you need to know and be doing with the new Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA).

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