Board of Examiners functions

The New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners has a number of functions relating to training and competency, including working with Australian mining regulators to ensure equivalency in training and accreditation here and across the Tasman.

The primary functions of the New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners is to:

  • Advise WorkSafe on competency requirements for mine workers
  • Examine applicants, or have applicants examined for certificates of competence
  • Issue, renew, cancel and suspend certificates of competence
  • Undertake any other functions relating to training and competency requirements for participants in the extractives industry conferred on it by regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

In addition to the primary functions, it is expected that the New Zealand Mining Industry Board of Examiners will:

  • Work closely with its Australian counterparts to ensure equivalent standards and to progress joint New Zealand/Australian accreditation
  • Assess the required continuing professional development that must be undertaken to ensure holders of certificates of competence maintain their competency. The Board will recommend the appropriate continuing professional development required for holders of certificates to be able to have their certificates of competence renewed upon expiry
  • Establish and maintain a close association with MITO or other relevant training organisations that are responsible for carrying out the training and assessment in extractives unit standards.