We've updated our website  

We've updated the SafePlus section of our website to make way for all our new resources and guidance and to make it easier for you to use.

We now have different sub-sections for the Resources and Guidance, the Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service and the Online Tool.

If you haven't already seen it you can check it out at safeplus.nz.

Have you seen our latest guidance?

Since the launch of the SafePlus Onsite Assessment and Advisory Service we have received plenty of useful feedback from Accredited Assessors and the businesses engaging with them.

Some of the recurring issues they have faced, and our responses to them, have now been added in Q&A formats to our Guide for Business and to the FAQ section on the website.

Our new guidance includes a version of the Performance Requirements document that has been customised to the healthcare services sector.

Check out the latest guidance on our website.

And more:

  • More assessors on the way
  • Online tool market testing
  • Changes afoot

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