Hazardous substances

Did you know that there are 150,000 businesses across New Zealand that manufacture, use, handle or store hazardous substances in the workplace? If you work with hazardous substances then you should know how to safely manage the risks associated with them.

Every year around 600-900 people die prematurely from workplace-related disease including from exposure to hazardous substances.

There are a number of things you must do to make sure you are managing hazardous substances correctly, including:

  • keeping an inventory
  • having safety data sheets
  • providing information, supervision and training
  • having an emergency plan
  • labelling hazardous substances correctly
  • using appropriate signs
  • storing hazardous substances safely.

Your mouth is one of the best bits of safety gear you’ve got. Speak up if you see something’s not right.

He taonga haumaru tō reo, whakamahia: Your voice is a powerful safety tool, speak up – use it.