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Construction sector by the numbers

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See the latest view on risks within the sector and ACC statistics on serious injuries and fatalities.

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Silica dust in construction

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Construction work can produce silica dust. Exposure to silica dust is dangerous and can cause serious lung disease. Remove silica dust from a worksite, or control any exposure to ensure worker safety.

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Non-friable asbestos

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Non-friable asbestos may be removed by a competent contractor, i.e. someone who has the experience and knowledge of working with asbestos without risk to their own or others’ lives even if they do not have a certificate of competence for restricted work with asbestos.

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Locations where asbestos may be found

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If you are doing residential work and you are unsure whether asbestos may be present or not, proceed as if it is present.

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Managing asbestos

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Where there is a significant hazard to employees, an asbestos hazard must be managed in a hierarchy of elimination, isolation or minimisation.

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Health risks from asbestos exposure

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The health risks from asbestos occur when people breathe in airborne asbestos fibres. Once inhaled, they can become embedded in the lungs and may cause diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

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Restricted and notifiable work involving asbestos

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WorkSafe NZ must be notified of restricted work involving asbestos at least 24 hours before the work begins.

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Disposal of asbestos waste

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Asbestos waste must be disposed of at approved local authority refuse sites. It must not be sold or re-used.

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